Saturday, December 10, 2016

Giving Tips in Some Countries

The big difference in the number of how many to give a tip

Sushi Resto, Tokyo

Rules of tipping is always not easy for anyone, especially the tourists who frequently travel to different countries in the adjacent.

You would need time to understand the character and habits in a country where you are traveling with friends or family nearby. And, I guarantee that you will always be surprised by all the differences.

It is basically, in the review of a lifestyle site, CNN Indonesia, tipping is voluntary, but there is an unwritten rule in some countries that require you to leave a tip at a restaurant or taxi.

Always so interesting to see the differences, such as excerpts from other sites, Lonely Planet, create articles compiled by Caroline Walton, chief customer of The Money Shop, that travelers should know the rules of tipping in different countries.

I think she's right, because the tip is always dealt with in the course of your budget, but it also is related case of the issue of ethics in a tourist destination.

You can consider many things, say when you're in countries like the United States and Canada, where workers are always expecting a tip of their customers are being served through their services.

No need to wonder with the situation in the United States, because the service workers often get paid per hour is very low, so it got a tip can be as a way to supplement their income.

The article suggested that always keep an eye on excessive tipping is not related to the budget, it is better to separate its change in different wallets. On the other hand you also continue to prepare enough money to pay the grocery bill.

Now you go to other places, for example in Thailand, you will be impressed with the custom in this country, they have no obligation to accept a tip. Although according to the standards in force also tipping can be considered as a sign of courtesy or respect to the person who give their services.

Conversely if you're traveling to Japan, be careful in this country, tipping is not expected. In fact, give a percent is defined as a rude gesture. Do not be surprised if you are riding the taxi, the drivers (or waiters in restaurant) reimburse the tip you give.

So that a sightseeing trip can be so much fun, but also pay attention to the local customs and the specific rules that apply in the country of destination choice.

Source: C Andhika Setyanti - CNN Indonesia, Lonely Planet
Image: M Paath Djojonegoro

Friday, December 9, 2016

Café 'Robin Hood' for the Homeless

With the famous saying, 'take from the rich, give to the poor'

Café Commercial, Madrid in old times - Illustration

Robin Hood has been famous figure since an era in the past, they rob every peoples for sure, but they also consistently took it only from the ‘rich people’ and then give it to the ‘poor’.

If you look at the café building, they serve the guests who come in the morning until noon and sells coffee, croquetas, and other typical Spanish menu, Café Robin Hood is located in Madrid, it functions like a café in general.

But. You will be impressed by their mission is the reason for the establishment of the café, because at the night time when come, so review a lifestyle site, CNN Indonesia, this eating place turns into a dining room full of warmth for the homeless.

Every night, the café serves more than 100 homeless people and those who can not afford to buy food.

Of course you're curious about this café services, but according to the sites, The Independent, this place is run by a charitable Foundation of Mensajeros de la Paz that stood 54 years ago, which means Introduction Message of Peace. The foundation is using the technique of cross-subsidies to pay for all the food consumed by the homeless.

I thought you knew, because buyers are able, are asked to contribute to finance the expenses eating place for the homeless.

It is delivered by Rev. Ángel García Rodríguez, who founded Mensajeros de la Paz, "The business model of this café, we are asking for donations from customers coming in for breakfast and lunch, so we can provide a free dinner to the homeless and those who can not afford buying food."

A worthy ideals embodied in favor of a goodness to mankind, and find the most appropriate time when Pope Francis always campaigning importance dignify another person, then Pastor Rodríguez happen soon through an eating place.

Stand a good place, luxurious dining room, complete with warm food, start from appetizer, main dish and dessert.

"They treated the same as other customers who pay. They sat at a table with a tablecloth, candles and flowers. That's the point, everyone is equal."

And the homeless appreciate this cool eating place, the food was good, they said, as for Antonio Gutiérrez, a homeless person, a sumptuous dinner provided by the Café Robin Hood, tasted like heaven.

Ideal dreams can be realized, even though Spain co affected by the economic crisis in their country, Pastor Rodríguez still trying to feed the homeless, an average of 100 people each night.

I think it's time for the world-renowned chéf, moved to participate in this eating place.

Source: L Kertopati - CNN Indonesia, The Independent
Image: Café Commercial, Madrid

230-Fifth and You Can Drink ala Eskimo

Eating at the restaurant located at the top of the building as part of a lifestyle

230 Fifth, Manhattan, New York - Image credit 230 Fifth

Rooftop bar became common among urban, and you know when they are looking for something new up there, an unusual view into the appeal of this type of restaurant.

No doubt when the rooftop bar is currently popular lately as a place to 'hangout', and was the concept of the restaurant owners around the world. They not only sell food, so reviewing a lifestyle site, CNN Indonesia, but they also sell city stunning views.

This is what makes a bar in Manhattan, New York who want to offer the opportunity enjoy a variety of drinks on top ala Eskimos, as a different experience for their guests.

Visit the rooftop bar called 230 Fifth, you will be fascinated by the appearance of several igloo houses, and you can to touch the houses.

The igloo houses that is not made of stone as the original but from the unique transparent plastic. The lights emit a bluish aroma, then hit in the surfaces of polyvinyl chloride (PVC), a plastic material with a one meter thickness.

According to other sites, Travel and Leisure, the bar has been open since 2014 and then, offers views of the New York City skyline from the point of view of 360 degrees. Who is not struck this time?

They, 230 Fifth do not want to ignore their dinner guests, even those providing enough space there, under the arches of the igloo with 11 people simultaneously, arranged a table and chairs for dining. Then the guests are still served with other equipment such as sofas, lamps, rugs, until the television is also provided in it.

A life cuddle for their guests, but you have to 'move quickly,' because the concept quickly who they got, applies in this place.

As stated by the management of the bar, "Normally visitors would spend time chatting with others. Therefore, we can not make a reservation in advance."

They are the world's first bar located on the roof of the house igloo-shaped, open until the end of March next year, and the guests are offered a variety of cocktails, among other things martin whiskey, and rum-spiked hot apple cider.

OK. Something promising is the sensation of eating inside the igloo invisibility while gazing at the stars in the sky away.

Source: A Ekasari Larasati - CNN Indonesia, Travel and Leisure
Image: 230 Fifth New York

Deserted Railway Station in the World

Only visited by 12 passengers in a year in Shippea Hill

Shippea Hill Railway Station, Cambridgeshire - Image credit Ashley Dace

Railway Station in the UK became one of the means for anyone to get to a destination they even gave effect to most of the tourists coming to the UK mainland.

Now you're traveling to a country, say, the UK, and if you want to satisfy a portion of the inside of you to make the trip an adventure, then the train ride is the coolest way.

Who would have thought when there are many railway stations in the country, according to records in a portal site,, Dec. 7, there are 2,557 railway stations in the UK, with an average of eight stations of passengers by the number of users is less than 100 people ,

When referring to the data provided by the British government, then every train station is visited by an average of 233,000 passengers in the period April 2015 - March 2016. And, if you become one of the thousands of tourists who want to enjoy the trip, and feel directly the atmosphere there.

The interest of the passengers is appropriate to their needs when going into the train station, and in densely populated areas may be more that can you meet the prospective passengers.

Well, a place that may not be too remembered by most people in the country, a station which has been a most desolate station in the country over the last two years.

Why is that? A railway station in the area of East Cambridgeshire deserves the title of ‘the deserted train station in the world’, maybe. The station is Shippea Hill, Prickwillow with an average of one person every month over the past year, and only 12 passengers up and down at the station, said an official at the Office of the affairs of the railway and highway Britain.

Interesting right? Maybe you can come alone to determine the atmosphere in the most deserted station in the world, considering that since 2014 there are 22 passengers, and the number of passengers continues to decline in recent years.

Furthermore Reddish South station in Manchester, 38 passengers and Pilning station in South Gloucestershire who only had 46 passengers.

The trip to the British state can be an interesting, if you're specifically to do so, watch the green mainland Britain in the inland area.

Source: E Hardoko -, Telegraph
Image: Ashley Dace via Wikipedia

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Please, No More Sick While Traveling

Traveled without having to go to hospital after

Tourists hiking in Lake Toba, North Sumatra

Staying healthy while traveling, once completed and returned home to stay healthy, it is hope for anyone who likes travel activity. Reviews interesting in a lifestyle site, I read today.

Who wants to suffer from sick? You have taken the trouble of a long journey, and the body remains healthy. Interesting suggestions I get from a site, 1000TravelTips, that gives tips on travel and tourism players anyone can maintain their health.

1. Injectable vaccine

You can ensure health conditions, prior to departing or in transit. As noted on the site Travelvax, injectable vaccine before coming to a country like Indonesia, Thailand, India, Vietnam, Cambodia, China and Fiji. Consultation with a doctor type of vaccine is needed.

2. Avoid insect bites

Need a little prudence, one mosquito bites not only cause itching or bumps, because it can be a variety of diseases, such as malaria, dengue fever or even zika. You can use sunscreen and always topical liquid mosquito repellent to avoid mosquito bites.

3. Wash your hands

Always use wet wipes or hand sanitizers, but it would be better if washing hands with soap and running water. Avoid for not touching dirty hands to the body, especially the face, mouth, nose, neck or genitals, as it will accelerate the transfer of germs.

4. Shelter from the sun

You can avoid excessive sun exposure, because it makes the body weak from dehydration and sunburn. Always wear a hat or sunscreen fluid. Even so, do not be afraid of the sun, early morning is the best time receives sunlight with vitamins that are useful for the body.

5. Do not get dehydrated

Frequent drinking water while traveling, please do not forget it. Provide water beverages in containers sealed, mainly to the region less secure health. Should not drink of cold water too much, to avoid sore throat.

6. Measure the capacity of the body

This is the time for you to be vigilant, culinary hunt was fun, but... Measuring the capacity of the body before putting it in the mouth, in order to avoid abdominal pain, allergies or more severe, diseases related to blood pressure. Likewise, the local drink containing alcohol with an adequate dose only, not excessive.

7. Getting enough sleep

You should keep in shape, over the weekend, especially when it comes to all nightspots. Certainly be fun, but with enough rest, so that no body aches or colds the next day.

8. Use insurance

This is a good recipe, because everyone needs to protect themselves with insurance. You can search for information just as much about the type of insurance before going sightseeing with a trusted agent. Carefully study the things that are given an insurance agent, so do not be fooled by the lure of its services.

Travelling is fun, but you do not want to be sick, either when traveling or after you got home. So be vigilant always necessary.

Source: E Priherdityo - CNN Indonesia, 1000TravelTips, Travelvax
Image: N Ginting

Countries in Europe Known 'Always' Feel Sad

You’ll feel strange, but just what happened in Portugal

Typical fado tavern, Museum in Lisbon - Image credit pt:Usuário:nemracc

Denmark has been recognized by many tourists as well as the public at large in the world as the happiest country in the world, it is in accordance with the indices of the various parameters of happiness.

Interesting article I read this afternoon, imagine if you were visiting a place where people behave on the contrary, they are there often feel sad.

Portugal, a country which looks ‘sad’, according to the index of the World Happiness Report released by the United Nations, Portugal ranks 93 out of 157 countries, so that the assumptions of the index, it can be said the people of this country was not exactly happy, even if it turns out no reason otherwise.

According to the sites detikTravel, Wednesday, December 7th, and another quote from the sites BBC, wrote the impression of a tourist from the United States that have come directly to this country.

Eric Weiner, said that he wanted to come alone to Portugal, and find the reason why the people of Portugal have a melancholy culture that makes them often look 'upset'.

He said the Portugal very rarely say, these days are so bright, and instead consider the days passed as usual or mais ou menos in Portuguese, when asked about the weather.

A local psychologist, Mariana Miranda, about the melancholy Portuguese culture, when sadness is an important part of life that should not be avoided.

"I want to feel things in different ways. Why paint a picture of just one color only? When humans try to avoid grief in different ways, we slowed ourselves. Actually there is a lot of beauty in sadness."

Lisbon Bridge - Image credit Matt Perich, Lausanne

That's how you have to understand, they are lovers of sadness, there is even a special word of Portuguese, saudade, a feeling for someone or a place with a million memories.

And you will never find an appropriate match for words in English or other languages.

Try deeper, you will find a sad and melancholic music genre in this country, Fado. Fado has a specific meaning, namely the fate of which refers to the beauty in sadness.

Once you understand the unique culture of the people of Portugal, there are many surprises in life, isn’t it?

As believed by them and now also for the tourists who come, a hidden beauty in sadness, the opposite of pleasure or happiness.

I think this is the time for me to made a poem.

Source: J Randy Prakoso - detikTravel, BBC
Image: Wikipedia

Cheapest Destinations for Year-End Holidays in Asia

Bangkok became the cheapest destinations differ slightly with Bali and Cebu

Kecak Dance at Uluwatu Peninsula, Bali

Year-end holidays is getting closer, and the choice of traveling to Asia can be the choice of the tourists, in addition to a popular Chinese holiday, this time Bangkok got the top spot.

Indeed chose Bangkok arguing in the background is processed from the booking sites, TripAdvisor is make a list of them, 10 year-end favorite holiday destination for tourists in Southeast Asia.

Citing articles on the site KompasTravel last December 5, review the list of attractive tourist options, compiled based on the data entered into the database sites of TripAdvisor for the holiday period from 1 December 2016-28 February 2017.

As presented by Janice Lee Fang, Communication Director TripAdvisor Asia Pacific, that they draw up a list which is in line with the year-end holiday season and a great moment celebration of the Chinese New Year and Valentine.

You can see the list of destination choice for tourists from Southeast Asia with the best times and the cheapest, as contained in the list of top 10 tourist destinations.

1. Bangkok - Thailand, January 16, 2017
2. Cebu - Philippines, January 30, 2017
3. Bali - Indonesia, February 20, 2017
4. Phuket - Thailand, February 13, 2017
5. Luzon - Philippines, February 6, 2017

6. Boracay - Philippines, February 6, 2017
7. Hong Kong, February 6, 2017
8. Seoul - South Korea, February 13, 2017
9. Singapore, February 6, 2017
10. Tokyo - Japan, January 9, 2017

Indeed, most of the tourists then chose Bangkok as their goal, of course through some of the considerations and their previous experience, such as the reason for the consideration of the most cost cheap and affordable.

You can calculate it yourself by doing some sort of comparison, the average amount of spending during a week's holiday in Bangkok was USD 1,200, and this fee is already included airfare, hotel, meals, and the cost to do the tour.

These figures differ very thin with a choice of trips to the island of Bali, let's say you're on vacation to Bali for one week at the end of the year, will cost about USD 1.303, inclusive of airfare, hotel, meals, and the cost of the tour. True, only slightly different, so is the choice of the rating is divided evenly into two this tourist area.

In addition to these two popular tourist destinations, travel choice at affordable cost are still open to the island of Cebu, Philippines, because tourists will be affected by the cost of approximately US $ 1,220, for a vacation for a week, including with other costs such as the above.

Maybe you want to know where traveled with the highest costs according to the site?

You can vacation in Tokyo, Japan with an estimated budget of USD 1,910 per week, and a vacation to Singapore also includes options for day trips is quite expensive, with an estimated budget of USD 1,655 in the week vacation trip.

Have a good vacation!

Source: S Anindiati Nursastri - KompasTravel, TripAdvisor
Image: M Paath Djojonegoro