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91 Percent Peoples are Jealousy with 'Neighbor's Table' Meals at the Restaurant

Guests who just arrived, momentarily look around and see the other guest menu on another table

The Fish menu - Image Credit L Priyanti

Choosing menu lists in restaurants often takes a certain amount of time from the guests who are seated at the table of their choice, for a moment they may look at other tables, think for a moment, or other activities.

Of course it's not always easy, quote from a review on the CNN Indonesia, April 20th, though it's fun, you'll admit it's not easy to choose a menu.

See what other guests who are also just sitting at their table, need time to choose a suitable menu, until finally decide the choice.

This is a reality that can happen in a restaurant, at that instant moment, another problem can arise, that is 'jealousy' when looking at food at other tables.

Unconsciously, despite going so fast, wanting food that is available on other tables, but this is not your own problem. Research conducted by OpenTable and Harris Poll, in America…

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