Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Pokéburger on festive bazaar Down n'Out

Events held until September and is sold only for 2 weeks

Pokéburger - Image credit instagram@downnout_

Enjoying the burger has been one part of the urban lifestyle, so we will not be surprised to see the corners of the crowd where someone was eating a burger or hanging out at a burger place.

Maybe I'm one of them, or maybe you're, ah ... Who knows, it could all happen in crowded places, in a day of fun with a friend.

Such an event is a festive bazaar in Sydney, Australia, was named Down n'Out Bazaar announcing their new menu named Pokéburger. They are the initiator of the event, a group called Hashtag Burgers transforming three burger with content and different forms of a bread bun, 3 Pokémon monster, ie Pikachu, Charmander and Bulbasaur.

They know that many burger enthusiasts who want something different, coupled with the trend of Pokémon GO gaming enthusiasts, who often hunt to earn points, but this time they hunt Pikachu and two other friends to eat at a price of AU $ 11.

Citing CNBC, Ben Kagan, Creative Director of Hashtag Burger said, "The flavor of each burger has been designed in accordance with the appearance and personality of each Pokémon."

He added that Bulbasaur has a taste similar with the Big Mac burger at McDonald's, green vegetables such as lettuce and pickles with broccoli crown on his head, and then to Pikachu, juxtaposed with fries smeared with cheese, onions and thousand island sauces that called Tiger Fries.

Of course the Kagan explanation make games fans will be interested, we are worthy to appreciate the work of their creations, which have been concocting unique types of burgers with the team for five weeks.

Then, let's hunt. And, eating burgers. That is good!

(Source Megiza - CNN Indonesia, CNBC /Image instagram@downnout_)

Monday, August 22, 2016

Where the Friendliest Cities in the World?

City of Charleston, South Carolina be the friendliest city

Relaxing time, Darling Harbour, Sydney

The friendly town to anyone, to the citizens of the city and to the newcomers. It would be a dream for most travelers from anywhere, it might be time to make travel plans to get there. You would think this is quite interesting, because the tourists in the world going into these towns, is it true?

Certainly not carelessly about an article that is contained in a travel magazine, Condé Nast Traveler recently. They were awarded the Condé Nast Traveler's 29th Annual Readers' Choice Awards to the city of Charleston.

As said by Condé Nast Digital Editor Laura Redman, citing CNN Travel, that tourists mainly from Europe will provide more value on their way to Charleston because they have heard about the delicious food and its unique architecture.

You will be interested to read the article, because the survey was given to 100,000 readers of the magazine, of course through categories like favorite cities, hotels, resorts, islands, airlines, cruise lines, travel destinations, and the friendliest cities in the world.

Imagine this to be a dream for you, the cities in the southern United States, Charleston, Savannah and Nashville, giving hospitality reputation through the locals and their appearance, responsive in offering directions and other help.

You will consider in earnest, hospitality, hotel employees were friendly to tourists, ease of check-in process, special refreshing drinks, and special treatment to children.

Likewise, you can see other towns, make you like being at home, feeling like a part of their integrated local community.

1. Charleston, South Carolina, United States
2. Sydney, Australia
3. Dublin, Ireland
4. Queenstown, New Zealand
5. Park City, Utah, United States

6. Galway, Ireland
7. Savannah, Georgia, United States
8. Krakow, Poland
9. Brugge, Belgium
10. Nashville, Tennessee, United States

Well, after knowing these cities, maybe just a dream can become a reality, these towns do exist and real. Cities that could make yourselves comfortable and appreciated.

(Source WA Prodjo - Kompas Travel, CNN Travel /Image Stevi Lee - Australia)

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Bourbon Burger for Special Buyers over 21 Years

Is the buyer of Bar Louie is for adults only?

Eat the burger was tasty on the right day, let's say you go to a shopping center at a busy weekend in the city center, looking for culinary sometimes make you confused to choose, isn't it?

Enjoy a burger is a practical choice and believe me, it was quite pleasant. I myself enjoyed it very much, if tired of walking in a crowd, and the burger is way out with a cold drink.

Well, apparently a lot of ways to mix a tasty burger. As with what I read from an article of a lifestyle site, CNN Indonesia, that wrote about the burgers can use with a variety of toppings such as cream cheese, and cheddar, beef and crispy onions and barbeque sauce mixed with bourbon.

They say that the burgers were formulated specifically, make it look fancy and special, is how to make it different, the burger smeared with a layer of bourbon, washed down after a dip to cool. You'll be stunned!

It is layer upon layer of bourbon will provide a different sensation, according to excerpts from the sites The Daily Meal, because the alcohol content in bourbon is poured several times, of course, the buyers are - according to the chéf - must be over 21 years old.

Even with you to enjoy a burger of equal value by drinking a shot of bourbon, even though the effects of alcohol in this burger takes longer to react in the body. It is reasonable and understandable.

But. It brings a sense of curiosity, isn't it? They are the burger makers of Bar Louie in the United States, which is offered in four locations (Greenwood, University Park Mall, Hunstville, and Nashville) of Bar Louie for US $ 412.49.

Despite all the figures presented by the owner of the bar, I and maybe You will be curious before try it yourself.

(Source Megiza - CNN Indonesia, The Daily Meal /Image Jefrey W at wikimedia)

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Traveling to Different Countries Over the Past Three Years

The pair was likely choose the Airbnb as a place to stay

Michael and Debbie Campbell

The place to stay is one of the considerations before embarking on a sightseeing trip, you'd never experienced that before, despite already chosen a destination.

Experience a journey undertaken by the couple, Michael Campbell, 69, and Debbie Campbell, 58 can be an inspiration for many people, especially pensioners to travel and live happy, when they travel in recent times.

They care about all that once they are in, you can read on their blog sites on the site seniornomads.blogspot.com. Great! They want their readers able to enjoy the story of the trip.

Many interesting and exciting experience that can be read, as described in the article on the site Lonely Planet, specifically they prefer Airbnb during the visit, to date, 49 countries, and stay at 109 different places on Airbnb.

You will be fascinated by their stories, places of tourist interest, even they had to stay at a country house in the land of Ireland, and you will be more like the stories that are arranged on the blog, the story of the tropical pretty house in Mexico and their search for a place to stay in Cuba.

Seeing the age of the couple, you will be amazed, as if they were dead tired, always running, and always achieve their goals.

Interesting ideas to be done, isn’t it? Just imagine, they had planned a following trip, this is not over. Michael and Debbie Campbell said.

(Source Y Margaretta – Kompas Travel, Lonely Planet, Michael and Debbie Campbell /Image SeniorNomads Blogspot)

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Cities with Most Expensive Lodging Rates

New York into a city with the most expensive lodging rates in the world

Central Park, New York

Tourists visiting New York continues to increase from year to year, and according to the record of 2015 be a year with an incredible surge in traffic. The last record for last year's visit reached nearly 60 million travelers.

It turned out that the city's appeal exceeds the risk of costs to be borne, New York is known as the city with the most expensive cost of lodging, the tourists have to anticipate the cost burden would they spend it later, when arriving in the city.

According to a survey of the property company, Savils, said that the value of accommodation several cities around the world have interesting dynamics. Like the city of London, which decreased with decreasing property value of British currency, the pound sterling after the 'Brexit' moment.

The results of this study reviewed in sites Lonely Planet, and make a picture of the average price of accommodation in New York one year priced at 114.010 US dollars, and is an increase of two percent from 2015.

Ninth Avenue, New York

We can view the 10 cities in the world with the most expensive accommodation.

1. New York
2. Hong Kong
3. London
4. Tokyo
5. Paris

6. San Francisco
7. Singapore
8. Dubai
9. Sidney
10. Los Angeles

Despite the cities above is believed to be expensive in lodging costs, as stated in the above paragraph, does not make the tourists discouraged them to travel toward the cities.

(Source S Agmasari – Kompas Travel, Lonely Planet /Images L Priyanti)

Monday, August 15, 2016

Hotel offers for the Traveler who is being Heartbroken

Package "I Will Survive" from the Hard Rock Hotel in San Diego

Heartbreak Hotel? You will laugh in your heart, what is going on so that your friends who are heartbroken given the opportunity to spend some nervousness in a hotel.

In fact, the question arises whether it is necessary to stay in a hotel to eliminate feelings of sadness, despair, disappointment and various other mixed feelings. Indeed, there are several ways potent delivered by the psychologists to eliminate sadness after someone abandoned by a lover, as do a lot of bustle, busy yourself at work, culinary hunting, hear rock songs (or romantic songs) and more.

Do you want to pamper yourself after a lover lost somewhere, well ... A hotel in San Diego, USA, the Hard Rock Hotel. Present curiosity for anyone. This hotel provides facilities certainly a surprise to anyone who was in trouble in love.

The hotel management knows the needs of people who are grieving, package available gives some interesting features, such as wine and ice cream that can be delivered to the room, then a special heartbreak song list that can be played in a room on a volume as desired.

Other suitable facilities are certainly available there, such as special discounts at leading salons, and offer to 'move on' with a series of photo shoot package that could become the profile picture in your dating account.

Interesting for anyone who comes, guests have VIP Check-in service, so that those who are troubled no need to queue to enter the room.

There is always a way of creativity from the management of the hotel, even for a traveler being gutted though, the market available to them.

(Source F Shafa – Detik Travel, Hard Rock Hotel San Diego /Images Hard Rock Hotel Page)

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Mineral Water is the Most Often Pursued at Airport

Often brought up to the boarding room while waiting the departure

At the Changi Lobby, Singapore

Drinking mineral water has become one of the necessities of human life of the city, everywhere we move in one part of town, there is always someone was carrying a bottle of mineral water.

Thirst is on top of everything, even when you're heading to a place, as there is when you're at the airport.

Thirsty. Hungry and thirsty, it makes you curious to meet the needs of your body. Even when you are in tourist areas, shopping for something, you'll want to drink mineral water for a moment.

Through a series of studies prepared by an American travel retail company, Hudson Group, issued categories of goods most frequently purchased by the passengers at the airport.

As described in the article on CNN, was indeed the most basic needs of air passengers are thirsty, they are waiting for the plane, but rather than buy something at an airport shop, is a priority need to buy mineral water with favorite size of about 600 milliliters.

Passengers did stop by a shop at the airport, after passing through the security check and then act first thought is to buy bottled water.

Passengers at the Changi Airport, Singapore

You may have another opinion, but Hudson Group research shows that of the ten most searched item label passengers at the airport, and from rank one to seven filled by a variety of beverages. Proven top five completed by the labels of mineral water, and at number six and seven-filled soda bottles with medium size, the chocolate becomes the next consideration. Chocolate candy marbles in sachet packaging turns into two categories all sought.

Indeed there are passengers who are looking for books, newspapers, celebrity tabloid, gossip and lifestyle, all of which are in the next category. You do agree, don't you?

Tourism continues to grow, so many creations from the airport management who designed the airport into range of interesting functions, such as service shopping destination. And, the tourists seem to love the service functions like this, as the development of airline services are getting cheaper.

(Source E Priherdityo - CNN Indonesia, CNN /Images M Kretyawan)