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Vacation in the Midst of the Natural Disaster Season

Especially for tourists who already departed to a location adjacent to the area of natural disasters. Do not panic!

Georgetown at Sunrise, Bahamas - Image Credit N Mayo

Natural disasters that strike some regions of the world can create a lot of anxiety, fear and loss of hope for many people, and will certainly involve more people who are close to the disaster area. Things are more difficult and sad is a natural disaster struck in the middle while you're in the holiday season.

You certainly know the events of natural disasters, storms in the Caribbean region, earthquakes in Mexico, forest fires in North America, and volcanoes in the stomach of Mount Agung in Bali, Indonesia.

Let's say the tourists, as featured on CNN Indonesia, September 23, have been there, of course there is panic in the group of tourists, this has brought a long lasting sense of luck. There must be anticipatory measures, understanding the situation and how to find a way out.

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