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Where the origin of Nachos?

One of popular typical dish of Mexican origin

Nachos with nacho cheese, olives, jalapeño pepper, sour cream and salsa - Image credit chee.hong

Nachos, so they were so loved, they say nachos in the form of chips made from tortillas and smothered in cheese sauce and a sprinkling of others such as bacon, jalapeños and a sprinkling of other pieces on it.

You may try the taste, so quotations from the site CNN Indonesia, March 23, and enjoy it in a relaxed, do not be confused how to enjoy this crispy tortilla chips.

Said a friend, "If you eat nachos or taco actually eaten with their hands as he finger food."

True, this is the kind of food that fits enjoyed directly with their hands. But often the question more deeply, not many people know where this savory snacks originated.

Josh Chetwynd disclose through a book he wrote titled "How the Hot Dog Found Its Bun", citing Foodbeast sites, nachos is a food that comes from an accident on the border of Texas and Mexico in the …

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