Friday, September 30, 2016

Room Service Food Is More Expensive

Is it true that more expensive when we ordered food to the hotel room?

Hwajeon, Korean Food

One of the hotel facility is "room service" when we stay at a hotel. It turned out that in fact there's something you might not expect, the hotel will raise the price than if you eat directly in the hotel restaurant.

Certainly there is a reason behind it, because of the many hotels did they generally admit service between the food to the rooms are considered distinct.

Indeed, there is a recognition on the part of the hotel, as I quote from a travel site, that room service was not the same with the food that is ordered directly at the restaurant. Many stages of the preparation process to be escorted to the hotel guest rooms.

As stated by the manager of the restaurant of a hotel in Nusa Dua, Bali in an interview with KompasTravel, Wednesday, September 28, 2016, that the stage was like a time period to cook until the time of delivering the food, all have been taken into account carefully, including its quality.

"Room service was in need of special treatment."

He added that deliver cooked food from the kitchen into the hotel room had a fairly high risk. For example there are hotel guest who ordered ice cream may be just melt quickly, before arriving in the guest room. Then for foods such as steak, we know there is an order of steak dishes with medium well could be at risk will be change to well done.

There are many other examples of other foods that are at risk when it will be delivered to the rooms to order, fried rice becomes dry, as well as the type of noodles that can swell, because setting the cooking time, organize, and deliver food that does not match the order.

Indeed, this is understandable for the resort-type hotel area, the distance between the different rooms, utility buildings vary, so it is sometimes difficult for hotel staff to achieve a room quickly.

As an illustration, the hotel management take into account the time, and extra services to deliver food to the room, room service food prices generally 10-15 percent more expensive than eating in the hotel restaurant directly.

At the end of travelers who were guests can take their order with satisfaction. Hotel service put it all in the most important place.

(Source S Agmasari - KompasTravel, Hotel Mercure Bali Nusa Dua /Image M Paath Djojonegoro)

Free Burger If You Tattooed!

As the conditions set by Cafe 51 in Melbourne

The Burger - Image Credit Cafe 51

Wearing a tattoo on your body it is okay, but what if the tattoo is shaped like a burger. A cafe in Australia apparently has a unique way to create a brand for their burger outlets.

You're walking around in this interesting city, well ... Who knew you could make time for a visit to a café, named Cafe 51.

A creative way of its owner, should I cite the article of a lifestyle site, writes that this burger shop offers a free burger, every day and for life, for customers who are tattooed. More unique again, it was not just any tattoo!

You're asked to make a special tattoo, a tattoo of a burger that size of Cafe 51 burger production and aged 18 years and over. In writing the owner of the café made the announcement on the official website pages #freeburgersforlife campaign, "Tattoos last a lifetime, so why not provide lifetime free burger, too?"

Outstanding idea, isn’t it? You are only required to make a burger tattoo, select anything burger from theIr menu and make the burger tattoo image anywhere in your body. They say that the guest buyer will be part of #burgerfamily and passed qualification to get a free burger every day, for life.

The method to promote an unique and powerful, and has done for a month and was launched on Sunday, September 25th. Until today, citing the sites Oddity Central, nearly 500 people have enrolled in the branches of Cafe 51 to turn it tattooed.

As said by Steve Agi, one of the founders, they never imagined the overwhelming response, and people apparently enjoyed the burger concoction of the café. Although they must be vigilant, there is likely to face bankruptcy.

People kept coming to get this special promo. This is the best weekend. I myself interested, are you?

(Source M Nasiri - CNN Indonesia, Oddity Central /Image Cafe 51)

Special Nudist Parks in Paris

Proposals from groups of Green Party of Paris to the Paris City Council


Nudist Parks may be unimaginable for most residents of the city of Paris, anyone know when this beautiful city almost has all the charm for many tourists from all over the world.

Moreover, in truth they need at this time in their city? All the charm and attraction are met. One of the favorite destinations of tourists from all over the world, wherever you walk, the romantic atmosphere wrapping yourself.

Say, let's call it one, such as the Eiffel Tower or the Arc de Triomphe, and you will easily add another attractions, Musee du Louvre, for example.

Tourists in the world, always include this city in the list of the top ten tourist destinations, and tourists as if kept coming to visit, never run and not be tired. Given the attraction that gets the attention from tourists of the world, the city council's desire to continue to increase the presence of tourists from various circles. And, you immediately know later.

You know by now, the city will open the park gathering place for the nudists.

Through a proposal submitted by a group called the Green Party of Paris has been sent to the Paris City Council. And, reportedly, citing the sites CNN Indonesia, the Mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo gave the green light for this plan, even refers to this proposal as a plan that is enjoyable.

Street of Paris

Indeed, according to the article, it was reported that the movement of nudists and growing increasingly popular today with an estimated that every year two million citizens of Germany, Holland, England and Belgium visited a nudist beach.

Even added, Bruno Juliard, Deputy Mayor of Paris, said France has been a major destination for the naturist, "It is not impossible to accommodate the nudists with special places in Paris."

You'd better be able to understand, if at this moment the city council became so busy to find the most appropriate location. Maybe one day you'll see in the city parks, city forests or on the banks of the River of Seine.

(Source Megiza - Indonesia CNN, France24 /Images Asti Soekirno)

Thursday, September 29, 2016

5 Destinations in the World that Can Make Traveler Longevity

There are five places in the world that embraces the culture of healthy living

Sunset at Oia, Santorini, Italy

Healthy living culture seems, is able to prove a few communities in the world to achieve longevity. This is the result of observation of the American College of Lifestyle Medicine, as presented by its President, David Katz, citing the sites CNN Travel on Thursday, September 29, 2016.

He said, "There are five cultures in the world with the proportion of people aged 100 years globally, they apply a standard."

You want to achieve a long life, isn't it? Of course everyone has the same opinion.

Citing the sites detikTravel, that there is a human factor that makes long-lived, for example, the routine habits of traveling to a healthy diet.

According to the article, there is a five destinations in the world where people are adopting a healthy lifestyle and is believed to live longer.

1. Okinawa, Japan

This is the island where the old people are smiling in the mountains, blue sea and fresh fish surrounding it. They have a healthy diet, consume lots of vegetables, rice and fish.

2. Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica

People in this place implementing early nutritional diet and only a little. Consume grains, local herbs and meats with smaller portions. They ate fewer calories.

3. Sardinia, Italy

They produce their own food, ranging from milk to cheese products and other agricultural products. They also used to eat the food as needed with fewer servings of meat.

Known as the Mediterranean diet, rich in fish, vegetables, whole grains with moderate amount of alcohol. Longevity as well as beautiful natural and abundant marine products keeps them happy.

4. Loma Linda, California, USA

The majority is dominated by unknown Advent Christians live longer than other US communities, they are very strict in the diet in accordance with religious teachings.

Among other things consume a diet consisting of meat and dairy products, known as part of the traditional diet that is low-fat, vegan diet.

5. Ikaria, Greece

They implement a healthy lifestyle of the Mediterranean diet, people can live 8 years longer than Americans and more rarely affected by cancer.

They also proved rare heart disease and dementia that generally occur in the elderly.

Tourists from all over the world can make travel plans to these special places, see for yourself how a community in the world, proving that a healthy diet can be a major determinant of long-lived person.

(Source J Randy Prakoso - detikTravel, CNN Travel /Image E Widi)

Where is the Disappointing World Attractions?

There are seven well-known tourist attraction in the world

Big Ben, London

Disappointing attraction for tourists is not a difficult thing to find, you can be captivated on a finding on a travel site or through a friend's recommendation. In fact all be different.

Is this correct, if true does have attractions that can upset the tourists of the world? You can visit, browse some of the tourist sites, and the majority of tourists will leave traces testimony of attraction ever visited.

You could be in doubt after reading their testimony, believe there is always a note of disappointment, the attractions that are well known but has received bad ratings from some tourists. Call the famous tourist attractions, and you can find one or two negative notes from the tourists on the tourist attraction.

I quote a travel and lifestyle website, you will know that the common complaints, such as ticket prices and food prices, the difficulty of access or visitors who are boisterous as an example.

Despite their assessment more subjective impressed and drama than the actual reality on the ground. But we still appreciate the opinion, because it gives some idea of the tourist attraction.

Should I take articles from the Independent who wrote about the seven famous tourist attraction in the world yet obtained a record disappointed and discontent of the travelers who are also users of TripAdvisor.

1. Big Ben, London
- If you want to see Big Ben, just look on the internet because there looks nicer. Instead you have to jostle with hordes of tourists were busy taking photos with selfie sticks.

2. Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco
- The bridge is covered by fog, just buy a postcard with a much wider view. Even better the bay under the bridge.

Eiffel Tower, Paris

3. Eiffel Tower, Paris
- Too big, too ugly and too many people. More Like Blackpool tower or Roc d'Enfer, although the river is passable.

4. Uluru, Northern Territory, Australia
- Waited for three days, and could not climb. Very disappointing. Too many policies need to be revised.

5. Sistine Chapel, Vatican
- Not too special as I learned in school. Maybe underexposed or deliberately dimmed, but I was not impressed or amazed.

6. Arc de Triomphe, Paris
- Long queue there by taking the stairs, and I was walking behind a man who carelessly throw gas.

7. Stonehenge, Wiltshire
- Amazing on television, but in fact the place is very small and does not provide any inspiration. Do not waste your money into this place, better buy shoes for your son.

I do not know what their reason, whatever it behind them, everyone is free to express their opinions, even if we then knew. It is all too subjective and follows the emotional moment.

Famous tourist spots never wavered with all their aggravation, on the one hand this attraction continues to stand gallant and graceful. Did not hesitate to face the ever-changing times, people can be annoyed but once longed for and beloved.

(Source Megiza – CNN Indonesia, The Independent /Images Pingkan Djayasupena, Revna Rumambi)

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Alcosynth, No More Hangover!

The findings of a British scientist with a mixture of anti-drunk

Sunset at Ku De Ta, Bali

Synthetic alcohol is a discovery of David Nutt, professor of the Imperial College and former drug adviser to the British Government, that was delivered by a recent article.

This is good news indeed, because when someone is consuming too much alcohol can be condemned to a state of annoying.

What is that? Well, you certainly know. Say a pleasant weekend with friends in a cozy café or a cool bar, unknowingly drank too much of one alcohol type, impact on the body and head pain on waking in the morning.

According to David Nutt, citing the sites Independent, he managed to create a kind of alcoholic beverage, called Alcosynth, which has the effect as alcohol but does not cause dry mouth, nausea or hang over. He is great, because it successfully patented more than 90 different type of alcosynth.

As the quote from a lifestyle site, Nutt said that alcosynth similar or equivalent to scotch and gin, as the cocktails without damaging your liver and heart. He added, "Alcosynth very delicious when made into a mojito. They are in fact very much like a Tom Collins drink. That one was bland, the other a little bitter."

As scientists certainly do a lot of research on a variety of chemical composition and their effect on the brain as occurs in alcohol for 30 years.

People certainly need to welcome this findings that guaranteed free benzodiazepine. Is not it can reduce the social burden as a result of excessive alcohol consumption? The community is aware of the need for a healthy life, regardless on the other side comes the needs to consume alcohol drink in a reasonable portion.

David Nutt believes this new kind of alcohol, though still experiencing problems at the cost of research, he said that in the next few years, 2050, alcoholic beverages would be lost.

And new types of drinks journey is still long to be present in bars or other drinking places. Then it happened, all right! And just wait.

(Source E Priherdityo - CNN Indonesia, Independent /Image Dian Bintang)

Woodall Tea Creations Using Aerosol Spray Cans

Guy Woodall create a modern tea drinking innovation

Tearoom drinking has become a ritual in some countries of the world, such as in the UK or Japan. But in general people know a few ways to be able to drink tea, for example, pouring the tea powder or with newer ways to use tea bags.

Well. This time you will be taken to a more modern way, say so at this time.

A fan of tea, Guy Woodall, he thought to look for new ways, and then find a tearoom innovation. Citing articles on a lifestyle site, CNN Indonesia said that the discovery is a new way to drink tea without dunk the tea bag into a cup, Woodall using aerosol spray cans.

You deserve to give an appreciation of the way, this is completely different, such as when you want to drink tea, you're just a little squirt of liquid concentrated tea into the cup. Afterwards, add hot water and milk if desired.

I gained more articles from sites Reuters, that new tea creation is called "No More Tea Bags" is a product of tea that has been brewed and stored in aluminum spray bottle.

Tea enthusiast community welcomes the new way to drink tea, as well as Woodall, "Of course there is an element of discomfort about this. But there was no wet bags that must be removed after making the tea."

Woodall is creative, a further quote, he used wine making equipment to make about a giant pot of tea steam.

And. It's time to buy the cans No More Tea Bags, you will find about 20 cups of tea in it, available in three flavors, namely English Breakfast, Earl Grey, and Jasmine.

Effort and hard work pay off, at first he tried it in the glass, using chemical preservatives, but later canceled it. "I am aware that you can put the tea (in aerosol cans) under sterile conditions and is completely isolated from the atmosphere."

Now, do not hesitate, said Woodall, for tea fans, are confirmed to have found it in stores since August. Alright then. Let the tea first!

(Source CA Setyanti - CNN Indonesia, Reuters /Image Pingkan Djayasupena)