Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Thousands of Firearms Seized at US Airports

TSA confiscated 3,400 firearms loaded - that carried the passengers illegally

SIG Pro semi-automatic pistol, illustration - Image credit Augustas Didžgalvis

A loaded firearm can carry risks when taken to a place that is not quite right, as has been written on this blog, that the US Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has made regulations on firearms carried by passengers in flight.

As known, TSA prohibits passengers to carry a loaded firearm since coming to the airport to get off the plane. And taken separately to a special box that is locked.

Background make this rule applied has been through observation, one of which is that the shooting at the Fort Lauderdale Airport, Florida last week, and the debate on the issue of gun ownership in the United States.

On the other hand there is a concern, citing the sites CNN Indonesia, January 9, that similar attacks would be imitated and performed in other public places.

TSA seems to be firm with these rules, as an example of years they have seized 3,400 firearms carried passengers illegally.

Other quotations from the site Skift on Tuesday, January 17, the number of illegal firearms were discovered in the past year showed an increase of 500 percent from the year of 2005.

There was an increase in the consideration of the public, because the average found nine illegal firearms per day at 238 airports in America. Conceivably worry residents, 83 percent of firearms seized already loaded in it.

As an illustration at Hartsfield-Jackson Airport in Atlanta became the airport with the findings of illegal firearms at the most, followed by Fort Worth Airport in Dallas, and George Bush Intercontinental Airport in Houston.

Facts demonstrate safety considerations are paramount for the wider community who frequently travel by plane, TSA anticipated with strict supervision. Another thing to consider is the problem of trafficking of illegal firearms in the US are increasingly chronic.

Despite the firmness of the TSA, so far not all the regions in America who apply, as by naked eye, even a loaded firearm may be included in a pocket pants.

Source: E Priherdityo - CNN Indonesia, Skift
Image: Augustas Didžgalvis via Wikipedia

Countries with the Strongest Passport 2017

As last year's rankings Germany is still ranked first

Tourist in Changi Airport, Singapore - Image credit M Kretyawan

The strength of a passport of a country can make its citizens tremendous benefit on their way to many countries in the world, especially if they like to travel.

Through a site, Passport Index, can be known countries in the world have a strong passport, and a review on the sites KompasTravel, January 17, as last year's rankings, Germany is still ranked first.

You can imagine how pleased owned by a citizen, say the Germans, they were as the holder of a German passport to get a visa-free to 157 countries in the world. Feelings of pleasure for those who frequently travel abroad, they will need a passport, because through a person's passport can know his or her identity in another country.

While the specific issues presented by most people in the world about the role of passports in their lives, citing the site Travel and Leisure, early January, a press release on the website Passport Index, President of Arton Capital, Armand Arton said about the role of the passport that could potentially hinder.

"Many people around the world consider passport barrier to their chances in life and choose to empower their identity and global footprint to obtain a second citizenship through investment."

There are always many opinions about a passport, and the general public can not break away from the benefits of passports on their way to other countries.

Passport Index observe a lot of things, they do research based on the calculation of Visa-Free Score (VFS), which is a combination of the number of Visa-Free (VF) and Visa On Arrival (VOA).

The study involved 193 members of the United Nations (UN) and the six territorial (Taiwan, Macau, Hong Kong, Kosovo, Palestine, and the Vatican) that is calculated to be 199 countries.

Interesting note, this year's Singapore overtook South Korea as a country with a strongest passport in Asia.

Maybe it can be delivered the top ten countries with the world's strongest passport.

1. Germany - 157 countries
2. Singapore, Sweden - 156 countries
3. Denmark, Finland, France, Spain, Switzerland, Norway, Britain, the United States - 155 countries
4. Italy, the Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, Luxembourg, Portugal, Japan - 154 countries
5. Malaysia, Ireland, Canada, New Zealand - 153 countries

6. Greece, South Korea, Australia - 152 countries
7. The Czech Republic, Iceland - 151 countries
8. Hungary - 150 countries
9. Malta, Poland - 149 countries
10. Slovenia, Slovakia, Lithuania, Latvia - 148 countries

While Germany has a different policy to other countries, because the countries that have visa-free to Germany only 91 countries.

Source: S Anindiati Nursastri - KompasTravel, Travel and Leisure, Passport Index
Image: M Kretyawan - Singapore

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Planning a Vacation Can Make Stress

Arrange holidays can be a thing that leads to disappointment

Holiday in Dreamland Beach, Bali - Image credit M Ludong

Holiday schedule can occur at any time while you arrange them, maybe in the near future or maybe you can view the calendar for a year and find the right time. This is the moment that is favored by many people, but according to a survey it can be otherwise.

Following a recent study from Ohio State University, citing the sites CNN Indonesia, January 17, it can indeed happen, someone who saw the calendar, then it makes him/her confused.

Furthermore, a study published in the Journal of Marketing Research, as conveyed by the sites Travel and Leisure on Sunday, January 15, stating that the activities of planning a vacation to make the holiday time becomes annoying and even as completing the debt.

A researcher, Selin Malkoc said, "The activities planned as well as work. Fun activities planned will reduce the element of fun."

Some questions posed to a number of participants of the fun activities that always leads sucks, you know, they respond with a number of activities, most of the outdoor activities are wont to do during the holidays, such as climbing a mountain until the hangout to the bar.

The more interesting to note that, because it turns out all the activities carried out by planning in advance.

"Planning is too detailed to make people forget to enjoy the atmosphere, making such a fun time job. Not activities that sucks."

They, the researchers say it does not mean you do not need to make plans, because prior to the holidays, of course people should have a plan to buy a ticket or reserve.

But. The researchers specifically wanted to convey, in order to avoid such activities, making vacation plans become too detailed.

Malkoc provide a solution, namely to simplify planning and reduce expectations.

You can invite close friends or the office friends, he said, maybe you can look for the most appropriate time, for example in an enjoyable weekend, walking towards a city without making any list of places to be visited.

Source: E Priherdityo - CNN Indonesia, Travel and Leisure
Image: M Ludong

Air India Provides Services for Women

Airlines provide special six women seating in each their flight

Air India Business Class seats on board the Boeing 777-200LR/777-300ER - Image credit Nisarg Vyas

Services for female travelers who travel alone become one of the mainstays of an airline in India, Air India, they will provide special facilities for women who fly with the airline.

Will certainly attract the attention of traveling solo fans, especially women, as the quote from the sites CNN Indonesia, January 16, because women will appreciate the services of the airline.

As known, citing the other site Travel and Leisure, Sunday, January 15, Air India was the first airline in the world that have this service, and they make it as an attraction for women who are traveling solo.

It is delivered by Meenakshi Malik, a spokesman for Air India, that service is available in all classes.

"We will provide a six-seater for them in two rows side by side. This service exists in all classes, especially the economy."

They provide services as a representation of the Indian government, and the duty of care to improve services for women passengers, Ms. Malik said.

Services like this to be a discussion among the passengers, especially women, privilege in air travel. Generally the attention of the world's airline passengers is to the family, especially the airline that gives attention to children passengers.

This time seems different in Air India, they will start the services are specially enjoyed without having to increase fees starting January 18.

Air India considers the need to introduce special services for women, after a case of sexual harassment experienced by women travelers from a male passenger on a long journey.

Embarrassing harassment incident occurred, when a tourist passenger sleeping woman fondled by a male passenger who sat next to each other.

Not worth going on a flight, according to the airline that safety and comfort of woman traveling alone is the most important thing.

This service is feasible widely introduced, and immediately applicable to female travelers. Certainly after giving detailed information, when they were in the check-in counter.

Source: E Priherdityo - CNN Indonesia, Travel and Leisure
Image: Nisarg Vyas via Wikipedia

Wine Online Shop Fix the Price

The wine tradition that is always set by the art of judging wines

Mont Gras, illustration - Image credit G Alexei

Wine fermented alcoholic beverages that have a specific value for the fans can now breathe easier, a new breakthrough from a wine online store that dare to set a fairly decent price. They, the online store manager transparently provide pricing details of manufacture.

But. It is considered less prevalent, because according to tradition that has been known so far, wines that were previously set based on the art of judging wine, compared with a definite calculation.

Real change happen, citing the sites CNN Indonesia, January 16, the online sellers are brave enough, for every purchase of the wine bottle, costing from plantations to packaging presented transparently to consumers.

Interesting picture on the site Quartz, an online store owner, Mark Tarlov, wine shop owner named "Alit Wines", confessed to deliver wine to customers directly without going through distributors and retailers.

Sensations they provide through the pricing details to give pleasure in enjoying the wine.

"To understand why the cost of wine costing of charges, and what makes it such, will give satisfaction to the wine."

He acknowledged the publication of details of the cost, as the appreciation of the wine, and at the same time will tell consumers the long process of making wine from the plantation to the fermentation.

Illustrations prices for Pinot Noir 2015 from Oregon Willamette which amounted to US$ 27.45. The price includes the cost of the plantation and fruit (US$ 5.6), wages of five employees (US$ 2.14), equipment and plant (US$ 3.31), a barrel (US$ 1.1), labeling and packaging (US$ 2.88), plus 45 percent of profits (US$ 12.35) bringing the total to US$ 27.45.

Price showed higher than the average price of wine in the United States, Tarlov not worry, he wants consumers to understand the making of wine and are satisfied with the wine produced.

You deserve to know, Robin Goldstein, author of books on food and wine, "Overall consumer can not tell the difference between an expensive wine, and that's when the label and packaging are hidden."

He says there is a negative correlation between taste and price, a price below US$ 15 is considered more delicious than wine at prices above US$ 100. Even then Goldstein assess the way that has been done by Alit Wines good for consumers.

"What I like about Alit Wines are those detailing all of its expenses, and this is good for consumers. It makes the consumer can decide, for example whether it is worth paying the French Pinot at face value."

Source: P Tripeni Juniman - CNN Indonesia, Quartz
Image: G Alexei

Monday, January 16, 2017

Whiskey in a Cup of Coffee

The latest product of Jack Daniel's in the form of coffee variants

Coffee on the beach - Image credit N Rosdiana

Whiskey and Coffee is a beverage that individually have had fans respectively, so that you can understand when someone fond of one of them, but on the other hand might try something else. Depending on a person's mood in their daily lives are busy with challenges.

You know someone penchant for coffee, for example, has become a necessity in the morning, or enjoy a cup of coffee before starting another activity. Now you can imagine the sensation that occurs when the coffee you drink containing whiskey.

Such as the article on the site CNN Indonesia, today, Jack Daniel's, the whiskey producer of Tennessee, United States, in collaboration with the World of Coffee, recently issued a product variant in the form of coffee.

This new product according to them, using one hundred percent Arabica coffee beans, roasted with medium maturity, and a little 'touches' of whiskey.

A tremendous thrill for fans of coffee, according to other article in the Daily Meal, Charles Newsman owner of World of Coffee said it uses the world's best Arabica coffee beans to ensure every coffee lovers can feel perfect combination of whiskey and coffee.

"We use coffee beans with flavor and aroma of the best in the world, and put it in the flavor and aroma of Jack Daniel's."

They guarantee the product will not cause a hangover, because including caramel and vanilla flavors typical of whiskey into coffee, and sold online via the official website of Jack Daniel's for US $ 21.95 for an 8.8-ounce size.

Interesting review of the site Huffington Post, they test the taste of the product, testing done to some connoisseurs and non-connoisseurs of whiskey. They write that the product does not have the taste of whiskey as promised, even as the coffee in general, but with the aroma of whiskey.

They, respondents said only that tasted sour aroma, no other flavor.

"It smelled like alcohol, but it smelled better and not disgusting. I'm a bit of fun."

That's how it happened, they did not taste the whiskey at all in the new product.

"There is no sense of whiskey at all, believe me, I was the one who knew the taste of whiskey."

Source: R Indra - CNN Indonesia, Daily Meal, The Huffington Post
Image: N Rosdiana - Melbourne

Chunyun, The World's Largest Homecoming Tradition

Chinese peoples will do a mass homecoming in welcoming the Lunar New Year

Chinese incense worship during Lunar New Year - Image credit M Kretyawan

Lunar New Year is getting closer in the next weeks, end of January, so that at moments like these, no wonder you will see a mass movement of the people of China who will return to their homeland.

The world will witness an extraordinary activity, citing the sites detikTravel, Sunday, January 15, homecoming tradition in the world. You'll soon find out!

According to the local government, there will be movement of people estimated to be 2.5 billion road trip exodus known as Chunyun, no less than the total distance of 1.2 billion kilometers or the equivalent of traveling from Earth to Saturn.

Another article on the sites CNN Travel, January 15, writes about Chunyun as the Chinese Spring New Year Festival, or more accurately described as the largest event of human activities over the Earth.

You will see how their long journey to return home, everything is done within seven days of Lunar New Year only, and is expected expenses spent more than USD 100 billion just to eat and shopping.

As an illustration, you may be surprised, because the amount spent nearly double the spending of the US population in current spending Thanksgiving event.

See their journey, they would buy tickets for transportation, the purchase of train tickets will skyrocket online, ie at a rate of more than 1,000 hits per second. Now you understand the excitement that happens in mainland China when Chunyun.

They said, this Chicken Year (according to the Chinese calendar), estimates as many as 2.5 billion trips by road to travel, then as many as 356 million trips by train, 58 million trips by plane, and 43 million trips by sea transportation during the period of 40-days.

You'd better be able to see the activities of this trip in the homecoming period starting on January 13 until February 21 with the total travel 1.2 billion kilometers or 745 million miles.

The Chinese government says there is a growth of 2.2% from last year's trip, and the greatest activity occurred on the east coast of China, when the Chinese people visiting relatives in rural areas inland.

Source: A Masaul Khoiri - detikTravel, CNN Travel
Image: M Kretyawan