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Macron Wants Baguette to Become a World Heritage

The wish of French President Emmanuel Macron to register it to UNESCO

Baguettes - Image Credit jules/stonesoup

French typical cake there is a variety that has been known by the culinary enthusiasts, but when talking baguette then the story will grow with the more interesting. The public recognizes it as a traditional French bakery with a unique history, fat and long form, also rough texture, but make no mistake, the inside is soft and crisp.

You can pay more attention, the size can reach 65 cm - 1 meter, and require a separate effort to be able to spend it, especially if you enjoy a baguette with a diameter of 5-6 cm.

The popularity of baguettes as snack foods is also recognized, and is widely known as a part of French daily life, which makes the president express his desire to register baguettes on UNESCO's world heritage list.

This made headlines since his interview with radio Europe 1, like a quote on CNN, when Macron revealed that this baguette or French bread 'makes the …

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