Friday, October 21, 2016

Virgin Build Luxury Cruise Ship

Virgin Voyages has signed a partnership with Fincantieri

Oasis of the Seas - Illustration

Richard Branson, owner of Virgin Group that is widely known by the breakthrough in the field of aviation, looked excited to announce the contract with the manufacturer of the Italian cruise ship, Fincantieri.

Virgin Voyages itself is a subsidiary of Virgin Airlines engaged in the cruise ship, citing the sites of The Telegraph on Tuesday, October 19, as is well known then that according to the contract they will make three red cruise ships.

Interesting news on the sites CNN Indonesia further, writing about the first cruise ship with a capacity of 2,700 passengers will begin construction in the next year and is scheduled to be able to set sail in 2020. Then successive vessel into two and all three will be built at 2021 and 2022.

You can imagine then if given the opportunity boarded a cruise ship, and then undergo a cruise travel route from the Port of Miami to the Caribbean Island, and the proper promotion as cruise travel trip is unique and superb.

As Sir Richard Branson said, quoting the site, "The journey will be much different from the existing cruise travel. We will take a cruise to the Virgin style, which has been very attached."

Interesting move from the owner, he will continue to develop business in different directions and see other opportunities, including the latest business move of the Virgin Voyages is to cooperate with Climeon, Swedish company engaged in the management of environment-friendly energy.

This is great with a business associate liner to environmental stewardship, earth deserve protection, and travel at once evoke a sense of continuity of care rating to the age of the earth. Virgin Voyages pioneering trip cruise tourism has become the first to use the concept.

People as well as tourists will see the presence of one draft of Climeon, making a cruise to the Virgin Voyages to reduce pollution as much as 5,400 tons of carbon dioxide annually. Pioneering good in business travel cruise at once care about the environment.

Source: E Priherdityo - CNN Indonesia, The Telegraph
Image: Oasis of the Seas via Wikipedia

Why Choose Seat in Aisle or Window Close?

The question that is often confusing, even for frequent travelers

New York from the Window

For the frequent travelers did things like go away, until the time comes at the check-in counter desk, sometimes you yourself feel confused. Want to select seats next to nowhere, near a window or in the aisle?

There is always a consideration for certain passengers, citing travel sites, KompasTravel, because other types of passengers that are not too choose, wherever they sit down later.

"I could sit anywhere, depending on time of flight."

They, included in the category of smart, could have chosen near the window, because they wanted to rest and sleep, especially short-haul flights. In contrast to the long-haul flights, they just want to sit in the aisle.

Seats in the Aisle.

- Long-haul flights. Flexibility yourself so you can easily stand up and take a walk around the cabin, and when you want to go to the toilet several times. You do not need to pass another passenger sitting next to you.
- Maybe you're on a connecting flight, so that the need to quickly get out of the plane to be on time to the next flight.
- You are high and need extra room to stretch your legs out.
- You are in economy class flights and budget airlines, so it needs extra room to stretch your legs.
- You are afraid of the narrow space.
- You need easy access to bags placed in the aircraft cabin.

Seats near the window.

- You really want to rest and sleep. Head can lean on the cabin 'wall'.
- You did not wake when the other passengers want to go to the toilet.
- You fly into the area with impressive geographical features, for example, to the mountainous region.
- You fly with a baby that requires a private room for breastfeeding.
- You fly with small children under five years old/toddlers. The little one would love to see a cloud and land elevation.
- You do not want to get hit passengers passing or stroller food belonging to the cabin crew.

Those who choose a seat always with consideration, and previous experience with the aircraft. All can take place and the trip will be fun.

Source: KompasTravel
Image: L Priyanti

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Choosing a Seat Close to Window or Aisle?

While at the check-in counter it is always a choice of passengers

Airport Check-in, Bangkok

Check-in counters are parts or stages you have to go through at the time of going to boarding an aircraft, you will be asked a few things related to the completeness of the tickets, luggage and of course seating will be selected. Although we also often find seating predetermined by the counter clerk, unless you request it from the beginning.

This stage will indeed determine the time you've been in the aircraft cabin space, the selection of a seat on the plane, select the aisle seat or a window?

Say you've often felt the difference, so then choose to sit in the aisle seat. You will say, "To be more flexible if you want to the toilet!"

Answers like this are common for the person who frequently move, and the body is not too tired, so want to move, either to the toilet or anywhere in the cabin while waiting for the plane landed.

This situation may be different again for others, or do you immediately know who, for example, children passengers who tend to want to sit near the window of the plane. "We want to see the clouds," For sure!

You know when a flurry of passengers who travel frequently, they are aware of why an air passenger, for example, prefer to sit in the aisle is more practical.

Citing articles on the sites KompasTravel, choice of seats on the plane between the window or aisle vary everyone. However, one thing that many people agreed, no one wants to sit in the middle. Moreover, if traveling alone, it means that if you miss sitting in the middle, you have to "compete" with the elbows and knees of two strangers.

Children passengers does have its own character, was quoted by The Economist, children are generally happy in the window. However, increasing a person's age, the tendency would prefer to sit in the aisle.

You can also find out, play a role in someone's imagination and spirit of adventure, as written in the article, people who have been a couple of times a plane but is equally happy on the sensation of flying. They did enjoy the thrill of taking off and landing, the clouds in altitude, up fascinated with the land down there.

Well, no wonder when children passengers will largely be happy with a seat near the window, is a pleasant experience and something new sensation.

And the opposite applies to passengers or people of particular frequent travelers, who liked a practical matter, you can stretch your legs, walk to the toilet, taking bags and luggage, and straight off the plane shortly arrive.

Source: KompasTravel, The Economist
Image: Garuda Indonesia

The Best Fine Dining Restaurants in Asia

Selection of the travelers who are also foodies

Snacks cloister is the most enjoyable part of the typical food a holiday location, but you do not forget to try the other side of the fine dining restaurants, as well as other eateries, while they are there.

Just believe wherever you choose where to eat, always a fun part of a vacation trip in seeking culinary riches of a tourist area.

Maybe they did not know of the presence of travelers in their restaurant, which can give judgments about the quality of food, maybe one day you come to give ratings, like readers of travel sites, TripAdvisor.

This site announces best restaurants from around the world, particularly in certain regions of the world, such as America, Africa, Asia (including the Middle East and China), and the Pacific, against 528 restaurants around the world, including 25 best fine dining restaurants in the world.

Janice Lee Fang, director of communications for TripAdvisor Asia Pacific to a lifestyle site, CNN Indonesia said, "There is also a list of must-try for any occasion, even if you are outside the city but you can still enjoy delicious food and friendly in the bag."

Award in the category of TripAdvisor Asia’s Travelers' Choice Awards 2016 gave us an interesting picture as a recommendation to reach places to eat in the Asian region.

1. DK David's Kitchen at 909, Chiang Mai, Thailand
2. Locavore, Ubud, Indonesia
3. TRB, Beijing, China
4. Restaurant Andre, Singapore
5. Hakushu, Shibuya, Japan

6. Tapas Molecular Bar, Chuo, Japan
7. Cafe des Amis, Pattaya, Thailand
8. Spiral, Manila, Philippines
9. Swept Away at The Samaya Ubud, Indonesia
10. Mandarin Grill, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Well, when you're in the tourist areas of Southeast Asia, several visiting places to eat on the island of Bali, with a cheap meal of tourists from around the world also have a wide range of recommendations to award Travelers' Choice Awards 2016.

1. Fair Warung Balé, Fair Future Foundation, Ubud
2. Putu's Wild Ginger, Ubud
3. Black House Burgers, Kuta
4. Warung Indonesia, Kuta
5. Pronto Pizza, Kuta

6. Melting Wok Warung, Ubud
7. Bene Lane Cafe, Kuta
8. Nugget's Corner, Kuta
9. Warung Little Bird, Sanur
10. Sheppy's Bar and Restaurant, Legian

While the category of the world's best in travel to various parts of the world, TripAdvisor gave recommendations to the best 25 fine dining restaurants worth trying.

Maybe it's the places you've never visited before, but worth considering.

Source: C Andhika Setyanti - CNN Indonesia, TripAdvisor
Image: L Priyanti - NY

The Best "Fine Dining" Restaurants in the World

Covering the Americas, Africa, Asia including Middle East, Europe, and the Pacific

Restaurant Locavore, Ubud, Bali

"Best Fine Dining Restaurants" is an award given by the TripAdvisor travel sites based on reviews from readers of the site to review of the restaurant in the region in various parts of the world.

This time readers gave their opinion and the results of review into the award through the Travelers' Choice Awards in 2016, and TripAdvisor collecting 25 best fine dining restaurants in the world, can you follow in subsequent paragraphs below.

One of the restaurant is interesting to observe is in a place on the island of Bali, citing tourist sites, KompasTravel, Wednesday, October 19, 2016, as written on the sites TripAdvisor, as many as 1,255 of reviewers on the site TripAdvisor provides "Excellent" rating for Restaurant Locavore, Karin Z wrote about Indonesian cuisine at a new level.

"All the food is made from local ingredients. Serving dishes with unique flavors and creative presentation.

Zucchini & squash, Locavore

It is a tribute worthy of the resto is located at No 10 Dewisita Street, Ubud, Bali, and this year was ranked the 23rd best fine dining restaurants in the world.

25 best fine dining restaurants in the world, based on versions TripAdvisor - Travelers' Choice Awards 2016 complete the following paragraphs.

1. Martin Berastageui, Lasarte, Spain
2. Maison Lameloise, Chagny, France
3. L'Auberge de I'ill, Illhausern, France
4. Belmond Le Manoir aux Quat'Saisons, Great Milton, England
5. Ristorante Don Alfonso 1890, Sant'Agata sui Due Golfi, Italy

6. Alinea, Chicago, Illinois, USA
7. Waterside Inn, Bray-on-Thames, England
8. Voila Bistrot, Paraty, Brazil
9. Adam's, Birmingham, England
10. Gastronomico Azurmendi, Larrabetzu, Spain

11 Auberge du Vert Mont, Boeschepe, France
12. Le Soleil, Cusco, Peru
13. El Celler de Can Roca, Girona, Spain
14. Da Vittorio, Brusaporto, Italy
15. Muse Restaurant, Pokolbin, Australia

16. Funky Gourmet, Athens, Greece
17. I Latina, Buenos Aires, Argentina
18. Victoria & Albert's, Orlando, Florida, USA
19. The French Cafe, Auckland, New Zealand
20. La Colombe, Constantia, South Africa

21. DK David's Kitchen at 909, Chiang Mai, Thailand
22. The Test Kitchen, Woodstock, South Africa
23. Restaurant Locavore, Ubud, Bali, Indonesia
24. TRB, Beijing, China
25. est., Sydney, Australia

Restaurants in the world is always present around us, and the travelers’ visit when they're there. Their opinion can be a guide for other travelers.

Source: S Anindiati Nursastri - KompasTravel, TripAdvisor
Image: Restaurant Locavore

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Google Comes with Special Traveling Applications

Make the traveler comfortable when making their travel list

Google Trip totally new, and new, launching in several Southeast Asian countries, such as Indonesia and Malaysia. As stated by Eric Zimmerman, Director of Product Management Travel Google, Wednesday, October 19, 2016, citing the site detikTravel, when he was launching the Google Trip apps, in Google's Office, Jakarta, "People want to make your trip faster. They wanted it there in the palm of their hands."

True, as said in the article on that site, the application is expected to make a traveler uncomfortable when you want to make a list of the trip. Applications that provide convenience for booking tickets, hotels or hostels and make itinerary, all prepared in the Google Trip included in the offline condition.

Say you as if it was in the office of a travel agent, though has its own advantages, because everything about a traveler will be stored and used as a guide in selecting a destination when planning a trip. Of course, after downloading this apps, do not have to bother to register, as directly using google account only.

Zimmerman made some sort of promotion on the application, "If in my Gmail account I wrote that I like the museum, the museum destinations will appear. If not, then the museum will not appear as a destination of choice."

This application has a variety of related features, such as features Travel Guide, which helps when filling destinations in our search columns, then the top destinations will come out as a review. Complete with pictures, making it easier for a traveler to imagine. Then there are features Plan Trip, help a traveler to calculate the budget without the need to use a calculator, so maybe one day to plan a holiday in Paris with a minimal budget.

Another feature is the Itinerary that will help a traveler at the destination, they only need to write down the name of a place to eat a number of destinations will appear.

I think it helped, because after trying these applications can provide a new perspective, a traveler can click many sights in one place, and leave the details of the travel time and the review.

Try this app makes sightseeing trip with friends will feel more complete and convenient, only with an accompanying smartphone.

Source: Bona - detikTravel, Google Office Jakarta
Image: Emirates

Holiday did not Prevent Them from Working

Recommendation that you use to break from the drudgery

Tourists in Japan

Healthy holiday should indeed be utilized optimally for removing all that is associated with your work, it needs to be recognized and be the basis for anyone to enjoy a holiday in a healthy and sustainable.

But you would be surprised if for some other people, for they do not hinder their holiday from work.

It's a great day when you open a lifestyle site that wrote about it, as is done by a group of hospitality service providers, Holiday Inn, a survey of visitors from the region such as Asia, the Middle East, and Africa, from April to July 2016 with total respondents reached 521 people about the effects of the current work for their vacation moment.

It is true there are people who are still working, and regard the work can be done, even though they are on vacation. They, as much as 56 percent of respondents frequently keep working during the holidays. And, more surprising, because there are still more than 55 percent of respondents say it should be canceled or postponed vacation due to sudden job.

This study gives us a new perspective on people from other geographical locations, people from the Middle East and India are a group of travelers who often cancel holidays when there are jobs, respectively by 47 and 41 percent.

Interesting insight into the human being on earth in view of vacation and work.

1. Frequent keep working during the holidays - 56 percent of respondents

2. Cancel or postpone vacation due to sudden job - more than 55 percent of respondents

3. Geographic (as a group of tourists who canceled vacation when there is work)

Travelers from the Middle East - 47 percent
Travellers from India - 41 percent

4. Gender (most often they work while on vacation)

Travellers men - 57 percent

5. Marital status (affected by the work agenda holiday)

Not married or have children - 63 percent

The above facts give us an idea of how people still think of their work, but are on vacation or immediately start their holiday as planned.

Maybe there are certain things, such as health problems, sleep disorders and stress levels higher. As said by Lucy Goundry, Medical Director of Nuffield Health, in the article which cites from the Daily Mail, "For the first time, clinical results we show how the holiday to help people lower their blood pressure, improve sleep quality, and help your stress level more better."

Vacation proven to give relaxation to the body, healthy mind, improving the way they see each other socially and environmentally, as well as increase personal happiness.

Source: E Priherdityo - CNN Indonesia, The Daily Mail
Image: P Widi Hatmi