Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Scrambling Armrest in Airplane, Two 'Lawyer' Quarrels

Resentment of the passengers sitting next to each other in the aircraft cabin

Passengers ready for depart - Image credit M Kretyawan

Passengers quarrels inside the cabin of planes in flight from a particular destination, say in a long and tiring flight, all things can happen, including emotions escalate and then ended with quarrels with each other.

Who can resist anger, quoting the site CNN Indonesia, February 14, sense of emotions arise, especially when there are other passengers were deemed acts disturbing.

This is an interesting story that is worthy of you know, hopefully not happen to you, less comfortable conditions perceived by two passengers and the airline of Monarch Airways, which flies from Gatwick Airport in London to Málaga Airport in Spain.

Two passengers, man and woman, as the quote from the site Travel and Leisure on Sunday, February 12, they engage quarrels, because the scramble armrests of the seats were occupied.

The risk for passengers sitting in the middle, the man, whether he thinks, feels that it is his armrest. You know, maybe the woman, she felt otherwise, sitting in the hallway, one time wanted to put her arms.

Shortly, a commotion occurred, and later recorded by video mobile phones belonging to other passengers, who later became viral on social media.

You've guessed how that happened, a funny incident in front of your eyes, when two adults are equally shouting and claiming to be a lawyer.

The man shouted. He asked that the woman better immediately change her seats.

"You know, we just fuss just because scramble armrests!"

Instantly all passengers in the cabin laughing, they laugh it up. Then the other passengers ask the cabin crew to separate the two "lawyers" that are fighting.

You don’t want to know, which of them were later moved to another seat. The situation is becoming 'liquid', all the passengers are still not satisfied with their laughter. Haha.

From the video aired, the woman said that she would sue the airline through legal channels if they did not do justice to her.

A funny comment from a netizen can describe this situation in social media sites.

"I hope they do not meet again while retrieving their baggage."

Source: A Mustafa - CNN Indonesia, Travel and Leisure
Image: M Kretyawan

Monday, February 27, 2017

Tony Hawk Throw His Skateboard to Trash

Instead of having an argument with airport employees who were often fussy

Passengers waiting at the Check-in Counter - Image credit J Tobing

Fight with airport officials might have been experienced by millions of air passengers anywhere, many events that may not conform to your expectations, but those officials often make it a big issue, and they are always right for security reasons.

And also for the sake of air passengers must immediately boarded the plane, they will eventually be a point of no return, must be made to feel guilty for the sake of the truth of the airport personnel.

That is the law anywhere.

Tony Hawk, a professional skateboarder, citing the site CNN Indonesia, February 20, was not spared from a lot of experience at various airports in the world, although according to him, has its own way to bring his favorite skateboard.

He, the way he always did, citing the site Travel and Leisure on Monday, February 20, he was always carrying the bag in order to enter into the aircraft cabin.

"I'm always carrying, but there are some airports that do not allow it."

According to him, certain airports in the world such as London, Frankfurt and Sydney have a policy that is quite thorough and rigorous.

"The airport in the city does not allow carrying, especially when I have connecting flights."

And here is always going aggravation thereof.

"The airport will thoroughly examine the skateboard carry by him."

No need to wonder if one day he experienced discomfort in the airport related to inspection by airport officials. Occurred when he had to go home with a connecting flight.

Tony Hawk - Image credit Matt Rogers

"They do the examination that I think are a waste of time. When I'm in a hurry, so I just throw my skateboard into the trash."

From so many experiences in the airports of the world, Hawk advised to first contact the city's airport for the skateboard-related purposes, if allowed to carry into the cabin or must be specially packaged in aircraft baggage.

"You'll know why, don't you?" he said.

Because nothing is more annoying than arguing with airport officials and then miss the plane just because it's a two-wheeled board.

Source: Ardita Mustafa - CNN Indonesia, Travel and Leisure
Image: J Tobing, Matt Rogers via Wikipedia

Hundreds of Stewardess Complained to Vladimir Putin

Airlines in Russia fired flight attendant who no longer looks pretty

A Stewardess do 'selfie' during breaks at the airport - Image credit Albee Chung @albee5433/IG

Beautiful stewardess at the airline are appropriately is seen commonly in many flights have you been through, even if not shy, always the desire to get acquainted with the faces of those who are lovely and friendly.

Well, what if an airline that seems less flexible, when one day with increasing working time, they originally started pretty frail and increasingly lethargic and less bright.

The airline started firing those who already do not look beautiful and shining again.

About 400 international airline flight attendants based in Russia, Aeroflot, grievances through a letter addressed to Russian President Vladimir Putin, according to excerpts of the site, CNN Indonesia, Sunday, February 26th, of course, is a sad story for the flight attendants.

It is appropriate they are upset, quoted from Travelers Today on Friday, February 24, as it comes to personal matters, inasmuch as they are called too old, fat and ugly.

Representatives of flight attendants, Yevgenia Magurina, said that the policy of the airline wants all international flight cabin crew must be young and slim.

Sadness at their beautiful faces, even though they are already not so young, they have many years of service to Aeroflot, so that they feel disappointed treated as such.

Discrimination in any form is making you feel uncomfortable, they also said that the airline stewardess treated like cash cows.

Magurina, in an interview in the Daily Mail said, "Aeroflot only provide uniform up to size 46, while my size 48. I then asked to no longer serve overseas flight."

As expected then, when this issue is open to the media, the management of the airline denied the allegations, and said that they had never discriminate, through an official statement, as quoted by The Sun.

"The accusation without proof. Aeroflot never discriminate in any form to the employee."

Even the management of the airlines added.

"Thousands of our flight attendants over the age of 40 years and is still working on a flight to North America, Europe, Japan and China."

Each heavy current should find calm water along the way, and fertilize the soil on the riverbank. Said a wise man one day long ago.

Source: Ardita Mustafa - CNN Indonesia, Travelers Today, Daily Mail, The Sun
Image: Albee Chung of China Airlines

Passenger Deceived Due Characteristically Haughty at the Airport

Avoid annoying behavior at the airport, because there may reciprocate the treatment

The LAX Terminal 4 - Image credit Wikimedia

Annoying behavior at the airport can occur at the time and less precise moment and the situation, especially in crowded places as befits an airport anywhere. Indeed, the right of each personal, but others may feel very disturbed.

It is featured in the site CNN Indonesia, today, concerning the events of interest in the airport, when a woman carrying a pet dog on a flight through Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), US.

Probably did not know what she was thinking, citing articles in Travel and Leisure's site on Friday, February 24, the woman was waiting for the plane that would take her to Tokyo, the woman let her dog defecate in the airport lobby.

The response of people nearby thought that she will clean up the dog, it's the opposite, the woman actually walked casually into the waiting room.

There is someone who immediately reacted, a comedian who also will fly to Tokyo, Steve Hofstetter, immediately rebuked her.

You know what the reaction of the woman? Hofstetter, as quoted from the column on the Reddit.

"I asked her if he would clean up the debris. But instead she said that there is someone who had been assigned to clean it."

Hofstetter and other passengers feel annoyed with the answer, even the woman still had time to make video calls to her friend and said, "Many sucks people here."

Hofstetter then met again with the woman and her dog in the waiting room, the woman with headphones playing music which set hard sound, while the dog barking at everyone who is sitting quietly.

Hofstetter arises a sense fad to trick her.

"I sat beside her and asked to go and where. She replied to Tokyo. Then I said, this is a lounge area for flights to London, flights to Tokyo waiting room has been moved into the room 53C."

The woman looked panicked, ran towards the Room 53C while carrying dogs and her suitcase.

Hofstetter is now smiling.

"Looks like she missed the plane once was annoyed because she knew has deceived, but certainly there are people who had been assigned to clean it."

Indeed Hofstter has a specific message to his compatriots and citizens of the world, to always maintain the attitude.

Nothing wrong if clean up the problem, while you can, reduce the burden of janitor man at a time.

Source: Ardita Mustafa - CNN Indonesia, Travel and Leisure
Image: Wikimedia Commons via Wikipedia

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Dog Mountain, Dreams Hill for the Dogs

Pet dog owners bring their pets traveled to St. Johnsbury, Vermont

The pet dog relaxing - Image credit G Harcourts

Pets can make healthy is no doubt, for a variety of joint activities pets can distract a person from a variety of other things, a feeling that can not be told, and only occurs when maintaining their pets.

A study supports this case, along with the pet has a better ability of the heart, an effective way to reduce the level of stress, social support which can be compared to what we get from other humans.

Animal lovers always feel healthy, citing the site CNN Indonesia, February 24, in line with the work done by an carving artist (now deceased), Stephen Huneck along with his wife, Gwen, in 1995. They built a land area of 60.7 hectares, and has now become a haven for the dogs who are fond of outdoor activities.

In the area within a two hour drive from the city center Vermont, quoting the sites Lonely Planet on Thursday, February 23, dog owners bring their beloved animals traveled to Dog Mountain located in St. Johnsbury.

Huneck always bring his pet dog, a black labrador dog named Sally, for fun there, green grassy areas with hilly landscape which is preferred by many pets, especially pet dogs.

They are the owners feel grateful, areas suitable for the pets, visitors and dogs do a variety of fun activities running on hillsides.

Dog Mountain region is interesting, other means of support for these animals, swimming pool, art galleries and churches, all of which were created to pamper the pet dogs and their owners.

You do not think so detailed ornament in art galleries and churches, many photo of pet dogs belonging to a visitor who had died as a form of memories.

Likewise, the church was built as a form of affection for pets.

"The church is filled to the message of love. There is also a sense of grief, but the church was built as a symbol of affection between the owner and his dog."

Dog Mountain is always open to the community of animal lovers, and the animals will be running as much as they can.

Source: Ardita Mustafa - CNN Indonesia, Lonely Planet
Image: G Harcourts

Be Careful! Upload Food Photos in Instagram

An expert opinion mentions food photos can be racist

Pho noodles, some kind of Vietnam noodles - Image credit Asti Soekirno

Food or culinary can be racists? You will be surprised with the food expert opinion about the photos often uploaded on Instagram site, but things like this are often made by many friends in social media.

You can hear opinions by Celeste Noché from Portland, United States of America, a professional food photographer, said in an interview on the website Quartz, February 24, that there is a wrong assumption occurs generally from social media users.

"When people do not take the time to educate themselves about the culture associated with a food, then they end up in perpetuating cultural stereotypes and misconceptions."

Furthermore, she still adds some certain things.

"We never got out of the idea of ​​Western culture is the status quo, so that others regarded as 'other.'"

Noché said that people replace foods according to how to decorate them are not normal.

"Because they do not understand or have not experienced for themselves how these foods can be there."

Indeed, there are habits of users on social media sites to upload a photo without looking at the background of the origin of the food, as it says in the Philippines short ribs recipe from Andrew Zimmern, for example, include the chopsticks nearby.

Noché warned it was related to the need for research about food and its origin.

"At first glance this looks do not matter, except for the Philippines which traditionally eat short ribs with a spoon and fork. Or they just use a hand. So it shows he is wrong to generalize all Asians."

Chopsticks are placed on the edges of the bowl or stand vertically in a bowl of rice is also an example of common foods photographic errors.

According to her, this can be rough and is a symbol of death in Asian cultures. Many things happen when there is a misunderstanding, understand the culture from where the food is coming.

In fact ever happened, famous magazines such as Bon Appetit also been doing a similar mistake, featuring whites chéf origin of Philadelphia shows how to eat "pho" which he described as a 'food trend.'

Spontaneous reaction and protests came from a Vietnam chéf. Bon Appetit treats pho like food trends and ignore the long history of pho cultural in Vietnam.

"Those who write, organize, and photographing the food sometimes underestimate the authority given to foods that do not actually belong to them."

And, Noché suggested that amateur photographer took the time to learn about the food that will be photographed.

"If something does not seem familiar to you, talk to the people who came from that culture to learn more about the food in question."

Source: L Mustinda - detikFood, Quartz
Image: Asti Soekirno

Saturday, February 25, 2017

City Parks in Philadelphia with a Glass of Beer

The concept of the show "Parks on Tap" held in Philadelphia

Coffee sellers in Central Park, New York, illustration - Image credit L Priyanti

Travelling abroad is becoming activity that attracts many people, especially when travel destination cities does have a tremendous attraction, unique and very different characteristics with other cities in the world.

Travelers will be dreaming of a trip to the main cities in the world, even unique cities that may seldom received the attention of tourists in the world.

But. There are other ways to travel, citing the site CNN Indonesia, February 22, without having to travel abroad, it is done by visiting a park or conservation centers located around this liveable city.

It seems to be the basis of an event, a good concept for the city residents in Philadelphia with an event on the theme Parks on Tap.

Parks on Tap, according to the site of Travelers Today on Wednesday, February 22, is a bar at the top of a car that operates during the summer around the Philadelphia area, residents of the city will come to visit the bar car.

It's an interesting idea!

When the bar car is opened, the car immediately stopped to serve visitors of the city park, the bar cars will visit about 20 city parks. In every garden, bar will operate for three to five days.

Well, you will enjoy the different services as though they were in a situation somewhere, Parks on Tap also providing meals, snacks, beer and wine. In addition to alcoholic drinks menu, there are also non-alcoholic menu.

The atmosphere is different of course, because it does not use tables and wooden benches, but they held a padded bench and a mat on the grass. You know the atmosphere is going to happen?

Events like this are believed to be able to attract the attention of the townspeople, not just young people, just believe, even families with children and pet dogs are also allowed to come.

The city administration immediately improve their city parks, to be ready when the car arrived at the bar visit one of the parks, let's say there's largest park, Fairmount Park, is definitely included in the list of visits.

They are the managers of the park, Fairmount Park welcomes the event of Parks on Tap, because it can make the citizens of Philadelphia increasingly recognizing its own region.

And, apparently during the event, "Parks on Tap" start operation in May, the townspeople immediately welcomed with joy. Certainly.

Source: Ardita Mustafa - CNN Indonesia, Travelers Today
Image: L Priyanti - NY